Meet the Team: Mark Scerri

Introduce yourself, tell us a bit about you.

Mark Scerri, 38 year old from Birkirkara working in Accounts. I have a to-do attitude and always willing to get out the best of people around me through positivity.

How long have you been employed by the Company?

Since 2004, being employed as an assistant accounts officer moving up all the path to Accounts Administrator.

What advice would you give to people aspiring in your career path?

Never give up on your capabilities, learn from experience, accept changes and always give the needed importance to work as a team player.

What attracted you to Medavia?

At my time of joining I knew little about Medavia, but 15 years on I do not regret anything about joining this Company.

What was your latest or biggest achievement with Medavia?

I look back at the time when Medavia had to go through the Libyan war. From an accounting perspective to keep going on was a bit of a headache, however that was the time that showed the good planning Medavia always adopted. On a personal note I consider my best achievement as the very good relationship I hold with all employees being in Malta, Libya or any other country. I strongly believe that the success of the company relies on the best teamwork possible.

Any hobbies, interests you wish to share?

I am a crib maker apart from a keen INTER fc supporter and other regular interests.


  • S-Sur Mark the best 😉


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