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Alternative Galley / Monument Mounts And Associated Components

It has been brought to Medavia Technics’ attention that during aircraft cabin checks, galley mounts are often found corroded beyond acceptable limits and need to be replaced. Due to the extensive lead times in the procurement of such mounts Medavia DO has approved an alternative material for manufacturing them and their associated components.

  • Mounts and Components come with an EASA Form 1;
  • Short manufacturing lead times;
  • No changes to the installation / removal processes of the Galley / Monument;
  • No Changes to the Maintenance program of the aircraft.

List Of Approved Alternative Galley / Monument Mounts and Associated Components

This list is by no means exhaustive and should the part number you require not be listed in our range of alternatives, we can generate design data and certification documents for manufacturing it.

Galley Mount
OEM Part Number
Part Number
1221290 MDM-E161-25-0001-1
1221292 MDM-E161-25-0002-2
1221293 MDM-E161-25-0006-1
1221294 MDM-E161-25-0002-1
1222035 MDM100693-000-001
1225301 MDM100752-000-001
1225302 MDM100751-000-001
0748-00-0002 MDM-E224-25-0004-01
0K126-011300000 MDM-E224-25-0003-01
0K126-043100000 MDM-E190-25-0007-01
0K191-002801000 MDM-E225-25-0002-01
0K191-004101000 MDM-E224-25-0005-02
0K191-004102000 MDM-E224-25-0005-01
0K191-005401000 MDM-E190-25-0008-03
0K191-005403000 MDM-E224-25-0001-02
0K191-005404000 MDM-E224-25-0001-01
0K512-001400000 MDM-E190-25-0006-01
1043L45A10250A MDM-E224-25-0002-01
1057L14A10100C MDM100883-000-001
111004-03-056 MDM-E224-25-0011-01
111011-85-001 MDM-E224-25-0006-01
111011-86-001 MDM-E224-25-0007-01
111011-88-001 MDM-E224-25-0010-01
111011-89-001 MDM-E224-25-0008-01
111011-95-014 MDM-E161-25-0005-1
111014-10-001 MDM100707-000-001
111014-12-001 MDM-E224-25-0009-01
111014-23-001 MDM-E224-25-0012-01
111014-95-006 MDM-E224-25-0013-01
13574-1 MDM-E225-25-0001-01
13753-11 MDM-E190-25-0004-02
13754-11 MDM-E190-25-0004-01
20-010-0030 MDM-E174-25-0005-1
201035-21 MDM-E190-25-0001-01
58522166-1 MDM-E190-25-0003-01
A0442530E070001 MDM-E174-25-0004-1
A0442530E071001 MDM-E174-25-0003-1
A225400207-210 MDM-E190-25-0005-01
A9992500E017501 MDM-E174-25-0001-1
A9992500E036501 MDM-E174-25-0002-1
STI-661-010-01 MDM100722-000-001

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