Meet the Team: Christopher Barbara

Christopher Barbara

Introduce yourself, tell us a bit about you.

Hi I’m Christopher Barbara, 32 years old. My passion about aircraft started at the age of 5 years when I used to go to the airshow being held in Malta once a year. I use to love hearing the jet engines roaring and I used to be very impressed how much force they need to lift up that massive beasts. From then on I kept compiling information about aircraft and now here I am part of the Technical Purchasing team at Medavia.

How long have you been employed by the Company?

I’ve been with Medavia for the past one and a half years now and I am grateful that I had took this step to be part of the Medavia team.

What advice would you give to people aspiring in your career path?

This path is a very interesting one I must say, where every single day you will learn something interesting. If you are ready to take up challenges and you are keen to do research and learn on this sector, then why not to give it a try! Step by step you will achieve what you will desire after all, in my case that’s what I am doing. Good Luck 🙂

What attracted you to Medavia?

I am always looking for challenges in my life where at the end I will want to be satisfied that I would have accomplished the job. I look at Medavia as the place where it gives you these kind of challenges but moreover it gives all the tools, training and the most comfortable environment you require so that you and also the client will be satisfied with the work done. All these things had attracted me to this Company and I can proudly say that it was a good and intelligent decision to make when I had accepted my job with Medavia.

What was your latest or biggest achievement with Medavia?

Being Licensed for the IATA Dangerous Goods Category 6 + Licensed for IATA Dangerous Goods Category 1, 2, 3 & Transport of Lithium batteries by Air TCGP-52.

Any hobbies, interests you wish to share?

Travelling abroad, Photo Editing and Graphic Design, Acting and Movie Making.

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