Stefan Curmi

Stefan Curmi – Technical Purchasing & Logistics Manager

Stefan started his career in the electronics manufacturing sector, specialising in SMT (surface mount Technology) in various production companies in Malta. He was also involved in new company and department setups including job team training. After 20 years working in high-end manufacturing environments, Stefan wanted a complete boost/change and a new venture.

After undertaking some purchasing roles within the manufacturing and automotive industries, an interesting and challenging opportunity to join an Aviation company cropped up. He joined MCM and was soon managing and was responsible for the stores, purchasing and logistics departments. When the opportunity to join Medavia emerged, Stefan did not hesitate to join the team and was soon full geared up to continue building on Medavia’s superb reputation. Stefan believes in a practical ‘hands on’ approach, team work, trust, loyalty, respect and the need for continuous improvement. Having all teams from all departments working in full synergy towards the same goal is Key. Although a very demanding sector and always evolving, Stefan has been completely hooked and cannot imagine moving away from aviation. Stefan is a dedicated father and a proud grandfather…. He loves music, motorbikes and a good laugh with the right company!