Sustainable Enterprise Awards 2018

Sustainable Enterprise 2018

Medavia took part in the 2018 Sustainable Enterprise Awards and placed second overall. The aim of the Sustainable Enterprise Awards is to recognise, promote and reward business organisations that have made a significant contribution to the different aspects of sustainable development.

A sustainable enterprise can be defined as a company that applies sustainable practices in its entire base of activity; products, services, workforce, workplace, processes and management. Undoubtedly this is at times a challenge but which ultimately yields positive results.

The Award will serve to reward Maltese Enterprises, in particular micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, (or foreign enterprises operating in Malta) for their efforts to change their practices with the aim of increasing economic, social and environmental sustainability. The ultimate aim of the Award is to highlight actions that clearly point out that improving environmental sustainability is directly related to the improvement of economic efficiency and social conditions. In fact, these Awards are based on 3 pillars;

  • Social Sustainability
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Economical sustainability

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