Medavia part of Trade Delegation to Ghana

Ghana Visit

Medavia formed part of an Exploratory Business Delegation organised by TradeMalta that visited Ghana between 25th and 28th July 2017. The delegation accompanied Malta’s President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca on a presidential visit to Ghana. Hon Carmelo Abela, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion also formed part of the delegation. A significant number of representatives from the business community in Malta ranging from aviation, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, educational and software made up the business delegation. Medavia was represented by Head HR & Corporate Communications Manager, Ivan Refalo.

During a B2B session organised by the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Ivan had meetings with several business leaders from different industries who showed their interest in the services offered by Medavia and which could be extended to Ghana and the West African market.

“The visit to Ghana served as a very positive experience highlighting the immense possibilities for investment in that country. The Government of Ghana is very clear about its willingness to assist investment in the country and offers favourable incentives for setting up business there. Incentives vary between industries. My experience of the Ghanaian people is extremely positive with some very close similarities to the Maltese people, first and foremost their warmth and eagerness to assist visitors to their country. Both Malta and Ghana form part of the Commonwealth of Nations and can both benefit from reciprocal closer ties. Malta is ably represented at consular level by, Mr Jean Claude Galea Mallia, resident in Ghana for some eight years. The idea of opening an embassy in Ghana and the setting up of a direct air link between the two countries could be ideas for consideration by the Maltese Government and Airmalta. Malta already provides very good and frequent direct air links to most of the major European cities and such an air link could attract many travellers seeking a fast link to Europe” Ivan said when asked about his experience.

These ideas were also put forward in a meeting with the Maltese Minister of Tourism whilst in Ghana during a forum organised for the Maltese delegation. We look forward to expanding our knowledge of the Ghanaian and West African market and building business relationships there. We would also like to thank TradeMalta and the Office of the President of Malta for the opportunity to form part of this delegation.

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