Corporate Travel

Medavia operates its own IATA accredited corporate travel agency, and offers its services to existing business partners but also to the business travel market. Through the agency, the Company’s business partners save time and money. The Company’s clients plan their business strategy and Medavia plans their travel requirements.

Medavia’s corporate travel agency is run by highly dedicated professional personnel working round the clock to ensure delivery of top quality services while you travel round the globe. With more than ten years of providing this service, Medavia’s agency is recognised as one of the top corporate travel agencies in Malta.

The main objective of the agency is to provide the corporate traveller professional tailored packages for each specific requirement.  It therefore offers specialised services that include:

  • air travel bookings and electronic ticketing
  • route connection and optimisation
  • worldwide accommodation
  • car rental and special transportation services
  • delivery services of travelling documents
  • airport transfers

Over 10 Years Of Experience

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