Line Maintenance Supervisor (LMS)

Line Maintenance Supervisor

The Line Maintenance Supervisor reports to the Base Maintenance Manager.

The duties and responsibilities of the Line Maintenance Supervisor are to:

  • Develop and ensure implementation of efficient and practical time-based work being carried down in accordance with Airworthiness regulations and instructions;
  • Ensure that appropriate ground equipment, staging, general and special tools are available to carry out maintenance tasks, and that approved maintenance practices and procedures are being followed at all times during all phases of work;
  • Ensure that all equipment requiring calibration is calibrated at the correct intervals and by appropriately approved calibration service providers;
  • Ensure positioning of Qualified/ Certification Authorised personnel for carrying out the line maintenance job functions;
  • Convene meetings as required with BM, QM, operator representative and Maintenance Personnel as necessary for discussion regarding Major Snags, Repetitive Snags, Delays, Incidents etc, and for determination of remedial actions necessary to avoid recurrence;
  • Coordinate and supervise activities pertaining to manpower, positioning of ground equipment, tooling, materials etc to current Line and Temporary Line Maintenance Stations;
  • Monitor temporary out station maintenance team members on job activities and administration issues;
  • Recommend to BM training and skill development of all team members;
  • Compose clear, concise and relevant line maintenance procedures and work instructions including risk assessments in compliance with the aviation regulations and quality and safety standards;
  • Be responsible for the day to day operation and supervision of the maintenance activities performed at Line and Temporary Line Maintenance Stations;
  • Coordinate directly with ‘’Tripoli Line Station Supervisor’’.  The Tripoli Line Maintenance Station is defined as a permanent station and it is expected that the Line Maintenance Supervisor will perform short visits from time to time;
  • Coordinate directly with other Line Stations.  The Line Maintenance Station is defined as a permanent station and it is expected that the Line Maintenance Supervisor will perform short visits from time to time;
  • Ensure that maintenance activity at Line Stations is carried out in accordance with all relevant regulations, procedures and processes, and in compliance with quality and safety standards;
  • Prepare man-hour planning to ensure sufficient (authorized) staff for the Line Stations;
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable Health and Safety requirements at Line Stations;
  • Be responsible for the maintenance of good engineering standards and practices at Line Maintenance Stations;
  • Be responsible for ensuring that all Line Maintenance personnel comply with the requirements of regulatory and company aviation engineering instructions at all times;
  • Be responsible for ensuring that maintenance activities at Line Maintenance Stations comply wherever practicable with Human Factors, Fuel Tank Safety and Electrical Wiring Interconnecting Systems principles.

The chosen candidate is expected to have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in an aviation MRO environment with a Degree or Diploma or equivalent related to the role offered. Being in possession of a valid EASA Part-66 Cat B1/C licence type rated with relevant aircraft types as per Medavia’s maintenance approval will be considered as an asset. We are looking for a proactive, motivated and hands on candidate with a strong technical acumen and able to work under pressure as the demand requires. Fluency in spoken/written English is a must.