HSS & Facility Administrator

Key Responsibilities & Tasks

  • Daily hanger and premises inspections for OHS and facilities related issues;
  • Inspecting and restocking of First Aid Boxes and other OHS related equipment;
  • Initial handling of occurrence reports;
  • Preparation and minutes taking for safety committee;
  • Supervising and maintain update database of MSDS;
  • Initial and recurrent training of employees for various courses;
  • Issue of permits and passes for personal, vehicles through Gate 8 and other gates related to Medavia;
  • Escort personal from gate to hanger and back;
  • Facility coordinator for daily maintenance of any Medavia premises and supervision of maintenance personnel;
  • Gather quotations and estimates from vendors for items related to OHS and facilities;
  • Supervise and monitor both Head office and hanger alarm systems and make sure to inspect the premises within 1 hour of the alarm being raised;
  • Check Supply and stock control for cleaning material and items related to facilities;
  • Supervise cleaning stuff and there rotation;
  • Maintain upmost discretion when handling confidential reports, and report any findings to his manager and/or HR including any harassment, bullying and non-just culture incidents;
  • Maintaining of training records, Avsec Passes, ADP’s, Vehicle permits and other applications related to the Medavia;
  • Safety and Security inspection and audits both in Malta and Libya.

Ideal Skills & Experience

  • An understanding of OHSA and related Maltese legislation;
  • Clean police conduct;
  • Driving license;
  • European Passport;
  • Knowledge in the use of Microsoft Office applications;
  • Knowledge or qualifications in OHSA, airfield safety and security;
  • Excellent communication in English;
  • Maltese and Arabic speaking applicants are given preference.