Flight Operations Section Manager

Flight Operations

Key responsibilities include:

  • Compiling of aircrew training programmes for Flight Crew and Cabin Crew in accordance with Air Operations Regulations and Part D Training requirements;
  • Supervising and monitoring the planning of crew training courses conducted 3rd parties and/or approved Training Organisations appropriate to the type of aeroplane/s operated by the Company as may be relevant;
  • Supervising and monitoring the travel and accommodation arrangements for training courses;
  • Providing logistical support to training courses and other events to ensure successful outcomes; locates training sites and arranges catering, audio-visual and other room/meeting requirements, may provide other training course support such as agenda and materials preparation, attend meetings and record and distribute minutes or other meeting documentation;
  • Supervising and monitoring of the administration of training records for each Flight Crew Member employed by the Company including lists and dates of checks, ratings and renewals required and making this information available to the Head of Training and outstations as appropriate. Accurately controls the entry and update of data and maintains the integrity of relevant databases;
  • Record keeping and administration of initial issue and renewal of aircrew licenses required for the operation to remain within the legal requirements as set out in relevant national legislation;
  • Ensuring that the OMA D is maintained and kept up to date in accordance with Aircrew regulation requirements;
  • Maintaining a record of Key Performance indicators (KPIs) of all crew training results;
  • Overlooking the day-to-day running of the Flight Technical department;
  • Supervision of Flight Technical department officers as stipulated in the operations manual;
  • Ensuring the development, updating and distribution of the company documentation system i.e. AOM’s and aerodrome charts;
  • Amendment and availability of all operational reference documents i.e. Jeppesen Manuals, performance tables, etc.;
  • Ensuring the integrity of documentation and documents on a continuous basis;
  • Support and development of Route analyses;
  • Supporting the development of Company Training Programmes;
  • Ensuring control and development of the Route Structure System.

Ideal skills and Experience:

  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a relevant aviation related position;
  • EQF Level 5 (or higher) standard of education and / or PPL Licence;
  • Conversant in IT skills with proficient use of MS Office applications;
  • Fluent in written/spoken English.