First Officer (B1900)

Beech 1900D

A vacancy has arisen for the position of B1900 First Officer. Reporting directly to the Head of Flight Operations and B1900 Fleet Captain. The chosen candidate would ideally meet the following requirements:

  • Current EASA Part FCL ATPL Licence (Frozen);
  • Current Class 1 EASA Medical;
  • 200 hours total flying time (minimum);
  • No accident, incident report.

Applicants are expected to be/have:

  • Self-confident with his or her skills;
  • Excellent situational awareness (flight environment, location of other aircraft, terrain, navigation, communications, weather etc.);
  • Always vigilant for the unusual, abnormal or emergency, and mentally makes contingency plans;
  • Have Superior mental capacity for problem diagnosis, risk assessment and problem resolution;
  • Excellent communication skills and applies them to each audience and situation;
  • Aware of his/her own limitations and is motivated to keep a safe margin above that limit;
  • Has the discipline and strength of ego to acknowledge his or her limitations in every situation and seek help from crew members to offset the limitations;
  • Prepared to work in a multi-cultural environment;
  • Ready to relocate for an un-specified period of time (occasionally more than 28 days due to visa/logistical complications) to remote countries anywhere around the world on short notice as per company’s requirements. (N.B Some countries may require vaccinations);
  • Willing to fly to Libya;
  • Fluent in English Language (spoken/written).