Cabin Crew Training

Do you aspire to become a Cabin Crew member?

Medavia is an approved CCTO (Cabin Crew Training Organisation), providing high quality Cabin Crew Training. The Initial Cabin Crew course is especially designed for aspiring Cabin Crew to achieve the Attestation to fly on any EASA (EU) approved airline, in accordance with EASA Implementing Rules Part-CC. Through our certified instructors you will be given the necessary tools and knowledge both theoretical and practical to obtain this Attestation.


Course Outline / Summary

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Aviation
  • Module 2 – Communications
  • Module 3 – Safety and Emergency Procedures
  • Module 4 – Passenger Handling
  • Module 5 – Aviation Survival: Desert, Jungle, Polar, Water
  • Module 6 – Fire and Smoke
  • Module 7 – Safety Operating Procedures
  • Module 8 – Crew Resource Management
  • Module 9 – Dangerous Goods
  • Module 10 – Aviation Security
  • Module 11 – Aviation First Aid

Who can apply? / Minimum requirements

In order to be eligible to join on this training, applicants must be:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Able to swim at least 25 meters unaided
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Medically fit in accordance with annex IV of Part-Med
  • In possession of a valid passport
  • Holding a clean police conduct certificate

Duration / timetable

The Cabin Crew Training Course duration is 96 hours over 12 working days.

Become a Certified Cabin Crew!

Once accepted the trainee will enter into a training agreement. On successful completion of training you will be in possession of an EASA Cabin Crew Attestation. We will also issue a Cabin Crew Certificate to all trainees who successfully complete this training. For information about applying, course price, accommodation and travel to our Training location in Malta kindly fill in the below form: